Durable plastic tanks with exceptional impact and chemical resistance

Stronger, Lighter and Tougher

We manufacture plastic tanks, chemical tanks, septic tanks and stirred reactors. Plastic tanks we manufacture outperform tanks manufactured from alternative materials on price and durability. Typically, they are stronger and much more impact resistant.  Our team can quickly and cost effectively deliver bespoke plastic tanks across Europe.

Outstanding Resistance & Durability

GA Profiplast have decades of expertese manufacturing durable, robust, impact and chemically resistant plastic tanks suited to storing, containing and transporting all types of matter. We manufacture bespoke tanks from a wide range of polymers choosing the most suitable depending on location of the tank, contents to be stored and temperature.  We can manufacture tough, self-supporting plastic tanks suited to and resilient in hot, chemically aggressive and humid environments.

Tank liners

We also manufacture bespoke plastic tank liners to extend the service life of steel tanks, concrete sumps and rubberized tanks. We manufacture all designs – cylindrical, horizontal, vertical, square and can also manufacture required fittings.


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