Improve productivity with bespoke plastic process equipment

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We work with our customer’s engineering, buying and design teams and as part of OEM supply chains, producing plastic parts to meet exact requirements.


Lightweight & Longer Life

We manufacture all types of components, parts and equipment for processors which help improve returns.

Gains typically are generated by integration of bespoke plastic parts which are very lightweight, reducing energy costs for moving parts.

Combined with exceptional strength & durability bespoke plastic parts enable a longer operating life with reduced maintenance.

acrylic plastic fabrication image

Quiet and Smooth

We often tackle processing noise challenges by manufacturing plastic components with sound deadening qualities, enabling machinery - and associated processes -  to operate quietly and more agreeably.  Where wear and smooth operation is essential, we manufacture UHMW, nylon and acetal components with low friction and outstanding wear characteristics, even in the absence of additional lubrication.  Our bespoke components are used in high speed packaging and conveying applications, keeping lines running smoothly, free from contamination.


Durable, Tough, High Performance

Our bespoke plastic parts are engineered to wear well and stand up to tough cleaning chemicals. They can be repeatedly cleaned with harsh chemicals without degradation, to meet numerous hygiene standards.  We also manufacture using metal detectable plastics meeting regulatory requirements for a huge variety of industries, including food.


Machine Guarding

We manufacture chemical and scratch resistant machine guarding and grind guards.

Typically, our guarding solutions are stronger, more impact resistant, durable and easier to fit than glass whilst retaining all the clarity.

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