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GA Profiplast fabricates many types of different plastic parts, products and assemblies for customers in a wide variety of industries throughout UK and Europe.

We are committed to delivering precise, high-quality, custom plastic fabrication solutions quickly and cost effectively whilst working to BS1 9001 quality standards. Our plastic fabricators are skilled in a complete range of services including:

Hotline bending

A strong heating element makes the plastic soft and malleable, letting us bend and shape it without breaking. This is ideal when you need curves and bends in a piece of plastic without extra cutting, joining, or gluing.

CNC & manual routing

A strong heating element makes the plastic soft and malleable, letting us bend and shape it without breaking. This is ideal when you need curves and bends in a piece of plastic without extra cutting, joining, or gluing.

Plastic forming

We can form plastics into new shapes using a variety of methods and equipment for when cutting isn’t your ideal. Ask us about the different forming services we offer.

Hot gas welding

We use specialised torches to heat thermoplastics until they soften, combining heat and pressure to form strong, secure bonds. This is best done manually and we ensure our welding is expertly done by hand.

Solvent welding

Using chemicals instead of heat, solvent welding can create strong bonds and durable joints. Solvent welding is incredibly tough when done right and is a good permanent solution for pipes and more.

Adhesive bonding

Depending on the given job and plastics needed, we can suggest the right adhesive needed to manufacture or repair your parts with a smooth and strong bond. Ask us about your adhesive bonding job for more information.


By heating plastics up to a point below their glass transition temperature, internal stresses can be eliminated to improve the durability and integrity of the material. Each type of plastic needs a different temperature, so talk to us about the one you need.


By softening and melting a small amount of plastic on two parts using solvent cement, pieces can be bonded together with smooth, unblemished joins.


Laminating doesn’t just protect the finish of an object; it gives it greater strength, stability, and protection to impacts and more.


We can etch your designs into plastic with fine detail, working accurately and to your given dimensions. Perfect for logos and branding.

Die cutting

Die cutting is a quick and efficient method of cutting custom shapes from plastic. It has a high throughput and we can die cut thousands of pieces in no time at all.


Whether you need to remove scratches and abrasion, or you just want a pleasant finish on plastic pieces. We employ the best technique for clean, even polishing jobs carried out to exacting standards.

Mechanical fastening

We can carry out your mechanical fastening work, or alternatively help you figure out the optimal method if you need our expertise. Ask us if you’re unsure about mechanical fastening methods vs. adhesives and bonding.

Film finishing

Alter the finish of a substrate and give it a new texture or aesthetic quality. Film finishing can also lend some extra protection to a surface.

Full assembly

Don’t worry about receiving a bunch of plastic pieces and getting no further help with them. We can handle full assembly, taking the job totally off your hands and giving you more time and greater peace of mind.

We welcome all enquiries including prototypes, low and high volume, close tolerances, small and large parts, and new and replacement parts. Whatever the job, get in touch. We can handle any kind of plastic fabrication in the UK.

Why use plastic fabrication services?

As you can see, plastic fabrication services can come in all different forms and needing different skill sets. To ensure that the job is done right and that your needs are met, using plastic fabricators protects your costs and helps keep your customers happy.

Why choose GA Profiplast

Our team are on the cutting edge of plastic fabrication companies. We ensure that their skill sets are constantly kept up to date and that we can offer the widest, best possible choice of services to our customers.

If you need expert plastic fabrication services, no job is too small. Contact us today to talk over your enquiry further.

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