Resistant plastic parts to improve productivity

We regularly work from samples and reverse engineer parts in existing business processes to make them better. Better in that they are more durable, lightweight, reduce or eliminate expensive downtime, component failure and improve performance to add exceptional value wherever they are utilised.

We work to ensure reproduced or replacements parts stand up to the greatest challenges of operating efficiently, safely, reliably and without interruption in the all types of challenging environments which may be unique to your industry.

We advise on material choices, cost saving opportunities and design improvements.  We work from all popular drawing files and samples. Where drawings are incomplete or do not exist we can assist before progressing to manufacture.

 Our service team, plastic specialists and skilled CNC programmers work together taking CAD files to CAM production.  Together, our team ensures a flawless turnaround of projects.

strong plastic pipes
GA Profilplast

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