Plastic CNC Machining

Our expansive plant is equipped with the latest CNC machinery including 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC mills

Our plastic machining teams are experienced and qualified, putting us in the perfect position to speedily deliver precision plastic CNC machining services. We work rapidly and efficiently to quickly fulfil complex, precise and tight-tolerance parts and products across the UK and Europe.

Plastic Machining

Complete machining services

We have a range of cutting-edge CNC machine tools to precisely cut and shape plastic parts to your specifications. We have 3, 4 and 5-axis machines at our disposal which gives us full accuracy for meeting tight tolerances and perfecting the finer details.

We can verify accuracy using our co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) and compare the parts to the CAD files, making our plastic machining thorough and faithful to your designs.
CNC machining is accurate, repeatable and versatile. For creating strong and durable plastic parts, it’s the ideal option that keeps costs down while producing fantastic results.


We deliver all over the UK and Europe, so don’t feel like you need to be local to take advantage of our high-grade CNC manufacturing services. Whether you’re round the corner or near Land’s End, we can meet your small batch requests and make parts exactly to your standards.

Jobs for small-scale demand, prototypes or a one-off batch are all no problem. Just send us your CAD files with details of your job and we can get it done. Our in-house machining means we can safeguard your designs with absolute discretion and keep an open line of communication with you every step of the way.

Using us as a CNC prototyping supplier lets you test ideas and bring your ideas to life before committing to full production, saving you time and money that would otherwise be wasted in the future.

Our in-depth knowledge means we can also support you with your files and offer advice and support wherever needed, as well as offer expert advice on the best plastics to use and why you want to use them. Lean on us for our knowledge as well as our top-of-the-range machines.

Plastic Machining

Quick and precise

Whether you require a prototype, one-off jobs or batches, we quickly deliver to exacting standards. We can navigate complex geometries, elaborate detail and tight tolerances. Our machines speedily and precisely produce almost any shape from a broad range of rigid plastics specific to your needs.

Plastic CNC machining is made effortless and cost-effective with our experience behind it. CNC manufacturing can work to within a thousandth of an inch in precision, making it the ideal choice for plastic parts with tricky angles, and edges and bevels that need to be totally accurate.



We can produce large plastic parts that replace existing metal parts such as end of arm tools to speed up production and decrease costs. High-strength industrial polymers can be cut to exact sizes and shapes using CNC machining, even accounting for complex geometries and demanding tolerances.

If you need to discuss the scale of your plastic parts and want to make sure we can accommodate them, simply get in touch, and we’ll give you a definite answer.


You may have heard of injection moulding for creating plastic parts. While it is an option, CNC machining doesn’t need custom moulds that run up thousands of pounds before the parts have even begun production. Injection moulding also needs large batches to be worth the cost, whereas our CNC manufacturing services can make plastic parts in small batches with no problems.
Plastic CNC machining can meet very tight tolerances for parts that are subject to very strict specifications, and it can work with the higher-grade industrial plastics of the kind that are needed for the toughest jobs.
We can also work with you if you want to add something to your design, something that can’t really be done for injection moulding once the mould itself has been made and paid for.

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