Complete guide to CNC Machines

Complete guide to CNC Machines Computer numerical control (CNC) machines produce accurate parts quickly and efficiently makes them the machines of choice for working with a range of materials from wood to titanium. Computer numerical control (CNC) machines form the backbone of many production lines around the world. Their ability to produce accurate parts quickly …

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Cutting edge plastic parts manufacturing equipment

What is CAD?

What is CAD? CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a method of using a computer programme to produce the digital equivalent of a drawing The most common method of manufacturing design pre-cad was the drawing on paper – sometimes known as a blueprint because of a mid-1800’s method of reproducing drawings which resulted in a blue-tinged …

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CMM Automated inspection

CMM Automated inspection Normally using a CAD file as a starting point, the machining centre is fed a series of instructions, specifying direction and depth of cut, cutter speeds, and every other feature necessary to turn our raw material into the finished part. Once the programme for the file is tested and approved, it can …

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GA Profiplast Staff carrying out plastic fabrication

What is CNC manufacturing?

What is CNC manufacturing? CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programming is a method used in manufacturing to control a machining centre or any other robotised machine. CNC machines can manipulate tools around a varying number of axis, usually 3 or 5, with high-precision using instruction from a computer program. The CNC process is an evolution of …

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