Plastic Absorbers

Longer service life, lower operating costs

GA Profiplast have decades of expertese manufacturing more durable, longer lasting absorbers helping businesses to reduce their operating costs.

We can manufacture bespoke cost effective, quick to market plastic absorber solutions for you.


Stronger, Lighter and Tougher

We manufacture plastic absorbers that outperform metal alternatives. 

The bespoke stable plastic absorbers we manufacture provide tough, self-supporting container housing resilient in hot, chemically aggressive and humid environments.

Outstanding Resistance & Durability

Absorbers are designed as self supporting containers, usually with an integrated reservoir for absorbent. An integral part of the absorber is a closed water spray circuit with a separate pump. The absorption intervals are determined based on the saturation of the solution and the chemical composition of the purified air.


Common absorber accessories are level probes which measure the minimum and maximum filling level and operating level. The inflow of absorption solution is automatically based on the level probe signals. The circulation pump is protected by the minimum level. A pH probe and dosing of appropriate chemicals or components can be included in the absorber. A drop separator is located behind the absorber.

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